AEG Electric Cookers

Aeg is undoubtedly a mark of design and precision. Ever since it came into being, it has been serving the consumers with the wide range of commercial and home-based equipment including the kitchen accessories. Aeg electric cooker is one of the finest products among its home products range.

On an average, the Aeg electric cookers are 90 cm high, 60.1 cm deep and about 60 cm wide. You may also find other cookers’ dimensions that easily fit best to your kitchen. Their products come with standard one year guarantee.
The Aeg electric cookers have a dual fuel advantage. It possesses electric supply as well as gas hob. Depending on the choice, the consumer may use either supply. The electric supply needs to be plugged in to the cooker by an electrician. These dual fuel cookers simultaneously offer speed with the electric oven and remarkable flexibility with the gas hobs.

The electric cookers are available in both single and double grill appliances. The single oven with one or two separate grills generally cost less than the double ovens. Still double ovens retain the advantage of the advanced performance and control, over the single. Moreover, in double oven, the separate grill allows you to use the grill as well as the oven on the same time.

The electric cookers possess halogen in its inner zone. The halogen zone is much heat efficient as compared to the ceramic zones, which is used in usual cookers. The halogen heats up quickly and stays hot for long. It has about four halogen zones that offer greater control with efficient heating. The cookers also feature 3 cooking zones that provide flexibility in cooking. Moreover, the interior is made up of glass. This can be cleaned and maintained easily. It also features the catalytic liners that help you to remove the stains even when the oven is heated. These liners work by vaporizing the food and the grease without leaving any stain. The Aeg electric cookers are tested for energy consumption. In rating, they come under A-grade electric cookers, which are the most efficient ones.

The electric cookers also possess a heat setting LED display. The display allows you to cook a wide range of dishes at different temperatures. The display shows the individual hot zone temperature. Each hot zone possesses warning lights, which tell as to which zone is at high temperature even after switching. Apart from the temperature control, the electric cooker possesses a complete timer control for setting up the heat time formula for a particular dish.

The cooker has a triple glazed view window that keeps it cool enough to touch. It also has internal lights to aid the view. On the top cavity, it has a window which helps to check the contents without dropping the temperature with an opened door. The Aeg electric cooker also possesses a child lock.

Thus AEG manufactures rise with the passion for perfection through unmatched innovative approach in the pursuit of outstanding performance among the kitchen appliances.