Range Electric Cookers

Range electric cookers have become an ultimate choice in the kitchen environment. They not only bring a professional touch to your kitchen but also improve your cooking experience. The range electric cookers are matchless both in class and quality. The cookers possess several remarkable features that make them an essential part of all homes in the US.

The electric cookers work on electric power supply for both oven and hob functions. The electric cookers, in combination with the electric ovens, feature either ceramic or induction hobs. The electric supply has no effect on the flame, and the hob top responsiveness is similar to that of the gas flame. Some other varieties operate on both gas and electricity.

Range electric cookers look like the traditional range cookers. These cookers come with matchless component parts such as cooker top, hob lids, cooker front and doors. They usually come in leisure, anthracite, silver, black, baumatic, cream and chrome finishes. They also possess a ceramic glass surface for a clean over look. The inside of the oven features cook clean catalytic liners and AA grade enamel coated walls. This helps you to clean grease and food without leaving any unwanted stains. This keeps your oven brand new for ever. The modern electric cookers possess the spring loaded hob lids that are directly linked to the circuit and hence the power supply. The electric cooker automatically switches off when the hob lids are lowered. So, you do not need to be afraid of leaving them on.

The range electric cookers come in different sizes from 90cm to 110cm. They come in one to three cavity ovens with up to 5 elements in the ceramic and induction hob. With the induction technology, the range cookers tend to save energy. The hobs induce heating only when the pan is placed on them. This new technology makes them work cost-effectively with outstanding efficiency and responsiveness. Apart from this, the inner side of the oven doors is equipped with heat reflection feature. So, these doors make the process more efficient by trapping the heat inside the oven.