Electric Pressure Cookers

There are many people who are strangled up in their busy schedules and get no time to cook food at home. They want to eat home cooked food and enjoy cooking, but due to time constraints, many prefer readymade meals. It is obviously known to everyone that readymade meals are unhealthy and do not taste as good as home cooked food.
The alternative choice is to use a pressure cooker. It is a special device that is designed specifically to reduce the cooking time by simply creating high pressure, which means that you can enjoy a great meal after cooking for only a few minutes. Pressure cooking is basically a method of cooking in a sealed tight vessel, which does not allow air or liquids to escape out of the vessel. As the pressure builds up, the boiling point of the water increases.

The electric pressure cooker is found in a range of designs and specifications. Some of the models have digital controls that will help you to monitor the steam pressure, and you can preset cooking times accordingly. Therefore, it basically allows you to set the time of the cooking process with more control.

Another important feature found in many new electric pressure cooker models is that they come with an added safety feature. You can activate a locking system after closing the lid. The lid cannot be opened unless it is unlocked manually. This helps reducing the risk of injury through burning steam or scalding water.

Cookers can be found in different sizes that range from 2 Qt. to 8 Qt. Most of the recipes have ranges from a 5 or 6 Qt. Be sure to scale down the recipe you are using if you are not using the 5 or 6 Qt model.

Electrical pressure cookers have one major advantage of preparing meat in a less expensive way. The steam pressure that is built in the vessel helps in breaking down the meat fibers and leaves the meat tender. Since the cooker uses steam to cook, there is no need to add oils or fats, which makes a leaner, healthier and tasty meal.

Electric pressure cookers utilize the advantage of pressure cooking. As the cooker is sealed, the nutrients and the aroma stay trapped within the ingredients after dispersing around the home. This helps in softening the food and retaining the vitamins and minerals.

With electrical pressure cooker, you do not have to put in excessive amount of water. All you need is to make sure is that it is filled with sufficient water that produces enough steam. This way, minerals and vitamins are not leached or dissolved away by the water.

Another significant feature that makes electrical pressure cooker unique in nature is that it cooks meals with remarkable consistence. During the cooking process, the heat is evenly, equally, and quickly distributed around the food.
Various kinds of electric pressure cookers are available in the market that not only make cooking easier but also make washing easier. Most cookers are made of stainless steel or have a non-stick surface. This greatly reduces the efforts when cleaning these pots.